Part 1, 2, 3


Collaborative Project

For today's class we were given three random words where we had to build a proposal for ourselves under one theme, material and practice. My three random words were Shintoism, carry and breath. I started to explore the three words through a rough spider diagram to branch out different ideas and later on I further linked possible themes together by organising the three words into a 3-way venn diagram. I first started to take secondary research in the library to collect sources based on Shintoism as it was the word that I was the most unfamiliar with. 


What was your experience of working in a group?

As an individual I have not been very keen with working in groups as I enjoyed having my own working space that I had full control over. However I felt that working in groups allowed me to be more organised and start the project earlier as I had avoid causing inconvenience for other people in the group.

How did the library research task inform your visualisations?
Through the library research task, I was able to look for other topics that linked from the original set of words as the library search system gave up many results regarding to both direct and surrounding topics of the theme. For example, when I was looking at the religion Shintoism, I was not only looking at the meaning and rituals of the religion itself but other factors that have contributed to the topic or other themes such as nature and serendipity. I think the library researched allowed me to look in a broader perspective as I did not rely on the internet as I would usually do as information comes up fast and the content is usually heavily directed to the topic I have searched up. 

Has the collaborative thinking affected your own decision making?
Indeed it has! The idea of collaborative thinking affected my own decision making as throughout the project I would constantly thrown different ideas from my group mates which usually gave a positive influence to my original idea, thus allowing my proposal much stronger and concrete. 

Which final pitch was your favourite + why? 
I really liked the last part of the project when we were split into another set of group as it allowed everyone to share their previous group's ideas and through that discussion creating a stronger and more sturdy concept as the final scheme. 

Has your first week at csm taught you new skills?
I have not worked with digital portfolios very much in the past and so setting up a workflow account itself was quite a challenge for me. I am still learning and getting used to the system but I am enjoying the progress of obtaining this new skill. 

Is your experience as expected? 
I think it was a very difference experience to what I have expected. So far how the classes are taught feels very different to high school as its more 'hands on' moving about and working with different people whereas high school was much more independent and 'sit down'. 


Fashion & Textiles: Your Data

I was very intrigued to do this project after experiencing the one day project for fashion as I believe that textiles is a crucial aspect of fashion as well. For today, we were asked to bring five items which were precious to ourselves. Unsure of what I had to expect; I brought my phone charger/ battery pack, mirror, pain killers, vaseline and plasters. I soon realised the things I brought were pretty much my necessities as well, the needs rather than the wants. In class we were grouped with other people and were asked to merge our items together. With the items merged, we drew silhouettes, outlined and colour blocked the overall body of the composition. From there we selected a specific item which looked interesting or something we could change interestingly. I chose my friend's handmade earring as it had a distinct figure and did not have a constructive body. I drew a quick sketch through illustrative techniques with alcohol based markers to contrast with the soft and feminine origin of the item and incorporated techniques such as cross hatching into my drawing. After some illustrative work in the sketchbook of the items, we were told to choose shapes we could take out and implement it onto a plastic sheet to project onto a white wall to see a different effect. Through this activity I was able to see how different mediums projected differently onto the white wall. I found that the wool was the most interestingly projected as it looked quite rough, almost like a rope projected on the white wall as it was projected and did not present the texture of the wool fully. 


Fine Art: Collections (1)

As I have completed the International Baccalaureate's degree for Visual Arts as a higher level subject, I felt confident walking into class today as I felt as though I knew what to expect from what Fine Arts could offer to me. I did enjoy my course back in high school but saying this, I was never exposed to any other art making practices before and therefore felt that there was something lacking as I have never experienced the full spectrum. With the project under the title 'collections' we were asked to create a concept about collections whether that be something physical or some form of visualisation of it. Quite randomly, I started collecting the rubbish people were making around me. I've noticed that in what I have collected the most were plastic bags. From here I created a concept of creating plastic bag jellyfishes to intrigue the idea of how ocean pollution is a real and ongoing topic and is at the point where turtles are consuming plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish and end up killing themselves. It was quite a challenge to make an airtight environment in the plastic bags and sealing them as well creating the legs underneath them. I believe through this outcome I was able to present the seriousness of ocean pollution through very simple messages as the message was transferred to the audience. 


Fine Art: Collections (3)

Today is the final day of fine art where we have our group exhibition and critique amongst each other. Although it was not in front of the whole class and were split into smaller groups, I was still quite intimidated by the idea of someone criticising my work as the people I had to present to were not people I have known before. However, deep down I know I have experienced this kind of feedback and response many times and it would not be any different to any of the others I have gone through and that through processes like this I am able to receive constructive feedback and criticisms to further improve or develop my work. I felt confident curating my work in structure as I have experienced doing so before and felt very comfortable with it. I first explained my concept and theme and finally my way of executing this idea. Through the group feedback I was able to receive both positive and negative. They really loved my concept of how I used contradictory image to present my work. However, they did not feel like they were able to connect with it at first glance as the structure of the jellyfish was a bit difficult to recognise as the trapped air eventually escaped. They suggested that I tried placing wire structures inside the head of the jellyfish in order to maintain the structure rather than constantly filling the head with air as it is quite ineffective after some time. I was also suggested to incorporate other mediums in which I have explained that what I have experimented with, sound and projection did not execute the concept very much and have almost appeared to be a distraction at the background. However I do think I would explore into other mediums if I were to have more time or to continue the project. 


3 Dimensional Design & Architecture: Wear It!

It was my first time doing anything to do with jewellery, footwear or fashion accessories and so I was very excited for it as I very much enjoyed the fashion aspect and believe that JFFA is another crucial aspect of the whole look as it can emphasise a look much bolder and effectively. Having to produce a design per minute was out of the ordinary from what I was used to as in high school I was able to manage my own time thus, I took time in my design ideas in making it look as perfect as I could. But because I was put in this pressure of having to produce constantly, it pushed me in the pressure to force out ideas -and there was a lot more ideas than I thought I could produce! I was very shocked at the results as it made me think how long it could've took if I took it my way. I think in terms of 'aesthetically' making everything look better my old method would be right but with producing many different ideas in the same amount of time efficiently would be this method I learnt today. This did not mean that I liked every idea on the page but today I learnt how to consistently think of ideas on the spot. In terms of producing the final piece, I felt quite limited to the materials that were provided as they were very basic materials such as card, glue gun, wire.. etc. I did think my end result was quite successful as it did present similarly to what I have initially designed. However I did not feel like it was much of a final product but more of a prototype as it was made out of card and was attached together by masking tape which was shown on the exterior of the piece. If I were to continue this project further out in the future, I would be more careful about the seams I cover up such as the gaps between the paper so that connectors such as masking tape or glue cannot be seen from the exterior. 


3 Dimensional Design & Architecture: Build It!

Today is the last day of 3DDA as well as the last day for the diagnostic route. I have never experienced the ASD pathway before but initially I was very interested as I felt that it was quite unique to any of the other courses I have experienced. I've always thought of architecture as relating to mathematics but I believe today have told me that I was completely wrong and that mathematics is only required by only a slight bit just to calculate measurements. I've realised that the design's function and purpose was much more important than the stereotypical mathematics behind it. For our task, we were provided with bamboo sticks to create structures of them. Within our group of three, we were instructed to build two structures and later on was told to combine the two and attach it with another group creating an even larger structure. I've noticed that every time it was attached to a new structure the body of it changed completely giving a different vibe to it. We then drew the structures into our sketchbook at the end of the day. I am not entirely sure about how I feel today, it was interesting but I don't think I have really enjoyed myself.


Public Art: Day 2

In class we continued to study the effect of how the simple shapes we originally had and proceeded onto design development, through both draping and illustrating. My shapes were rather unusual and did not have much of a geometric look or any symmetrical sides so it was quite difficult working with it but i eventually created some interesting looks that I would not have thought of unless I was forced in the situation like today by continuously draping it around the human body shape. For illustrative work, I tried to focus on one area of each look and somehow expand or alter the function of it to create different aesthetics to the garment.


Tactile Structures: Day 1

Today our class had to meet at the Barbican. Today’s activity was quite relaxed as we just had to do observational drawings and mark making of the environment. The observational drawings and mark making activity really does help me as an artist to think fast and bring ideas fast to the paper as I always was the type of artist to be very careful with every stroke I made. Later on the day we were asked to work in groups to create something creative on site. This was another opportunity to collaborate with other people and to hear different opinions of others on the same project idea.


Introduction Culture Swap Project

Today we were introduced to the culture swap project and were introduced to a 'new friend'. The purpose was to find out more about the person in terms of who they were and what kind of cultural background they come from. My friend was from Peru. I found it very interesting as I've never really had the opportunity to collide with Peruvian culture so it was very interesting to hear about it through a local. The location we were given to explore in London was Victoria. I felt that the environment of Victoria was quite posh overall, with the iconic British architectural structures. 

Culture Swap: Day 1


Today we were splint into our specialisms and all of us were matched up with a random person in our own class to get to know about that person and their culture. I met Gulianna who is from Peru. Together we were given a random location to visit within London to explore and while we’re at that, to learn more about each other. I’ve realised that I had a very different upbringing as Gulianna but we got along very well and I got to know a lot about her culture back home. I found that they were mainly differences but I was still able to find some similarities in our cultures.

Culture Swap: Day 2

In class we exchanged 6 photographs of each others cultures. Gulianna gave me 6 images of her culture which was fully Peru based while I gave Julianna a combination of 6 images consisting of Hong Kong, Korea and Chinese culture as it was the three cultures I was mainly brought upon in. From the 6 images Gulianna has given me, I created 6 samples through inspiration of the 6 images. After this I merged my research on Victoria (the random location I got for London). I found it very difficult as I found the Peruvian culture very contrasting to London’s culture, especially Victoria as it was a lot more posh.

Culture Swap: Day 3

We continued to do this in class. I created a range of 2 dimensional samples where I explored to manipulate and place everything delicately as well as create samples which works with my colour sensitivity. I really enjoyed creating the 2 dimensional samples as it was like a prototype to my future 3 dimensional samples. For my 3 dimensional samples, I created weaves and hand knits which colour coordinated with the samples I have created.

Culture Swap - interchanging cultures

Today my partner and I traded 6 images based on each others' cultures. My partner gave me 6 images that were personal but also culturally relatable which she believed represents Peruvian culture. I actually found it very difficult choosing 6 images for my partner as I come from a very versatile cultural background I'd say. Although I am ethnically Korean as my parents are both Korean, I've never lived in my motherland and was actually born and mainly raised (about 15 years) in Hong Kong. And although I lived in Hong Kong most of my life, I was brought in and out of the country as I lived in Beijing, Paris and Hanoi -each for a year and thus was in and out of Hong Kong as well. Due to this cultural situation of mine, I had to pick and choose the culture that I felt more obliged to. Thus I chose pictures that I felt resembled Hong Kong to me mainly and a few that resembled Korean culture. Never have I thought I really thought so much about my cultural roots, it is quite interesting for me to think about who I am and where I've come from. 

Fruit Machine

For this project, we were given a random image and a random quote to start off with. My image was a scene from "Abigail's party". I did not know what it was until I researched about it and found out it was a 70s British television show. I found this very interesting but also very confusing at the same time. Visually, I was naturally intrigued by the colour palette of the movie. Since it was based on the 70s, the colour scheme used was bright, I wouldn't say it's like a neon bright but more of a vivid pastel hue. 

Fruit Machine: Day 1

At the end of the previous class, everyone was given a random quote and image and back home we were supposed to research both of them and try to link something in order to create a mutual theme to develop our personal projects. I have received Abigail’s Party as my image and an Muhammad Ali’s quote, both of which I found very different and found it quite difficult to link the two and therefore at this point have only researched separately on both.

Fruit Machine: Day 6

The first generic thoughts I had when looking at the term ‘trapped’ was cages and jail cells. Thinking further I thought of buildings, how people are trapped inside. Then I though of Hong Kong caged homes. (More research in Sketchbook, move to workflow).

Fruit Machine: Day 7

Continuation of research and development through sampling and illustrating.

Corduroy - Emotional Value

During my research about Hong Kong apartments, I found out that the lower class of the population cannot afford to live in regular housing and therefore can only afford to leave in this illegal housing called 'caged homes' where the people rent out cages to survive. I was extremely shocked by the environment they were in as it honestly was against the general human rights. They looked trapped, both mentally and physically. I then started to look into the idea of being trapped and how it meant to me when I was living in Hong Kong. 

Introduction to Personal Project 07/02/18

In today's lecture we were introduced to our last and final project, our own personal project. I felt that this project was finally the time to shine my inner self, a project where I can focus on a subject which I truly believe in and that would best represent me. I thought about the different topics I could possibly do to reflect this. This includes topics such as emphasising my unique cultural heritage, moralities, experiences, political agendas and etc.. I have not come to a conclusion on my final project idea but I hope to convey a personal but social/political message behind it as well so it is also something of matter and would allow others to be able to reciprocate to it or relate to the topic. 


I have given more thought about the whole idea of sustainability and thought about it in terms of the fashion world. I've realised that the fashion industry mass produces a lot of garments to the general public for marketing reasons and such but not all garments are eventually sold. Hence, creating over production issues. Due to this, I started looking at what happens to these garments and materials when they are decided to be off the market. There seemed to be a lot of different methods depending on which company under what legal stance and many other different factors. I've found out that larger, luxury scaled companies tend to remove or disregard the garments completely so that no fake versions would be made in the black market while as smaller brands tend to sell it to production factories (hence creating a lot of fake versions) or recycled. 


After experimenting with denim, I thought about what other materials I could utilise that would be considered a sustainable material. So I then thought about our everyday materials in our lives. I've noticed that a lot of the everyday materials we use often end up in the general waste bin but the main 3; paper, aluminium and plastic are often recycled. I think it would be interesting to manipulate with aluminium and plastic as they are considered to be solid materials which is not easily malleable and so I decided to work with these to materials to create samples and create further development processes. 


I have been very sick after catching the flu in the past week and see no signs of feeling much better. However I feel that I am quite behind and so I have created some mark making and sample work in my sketchbook using collage and different print methods experimenting using plastic and aluminium. I hope that I will get better soon and continue to create more manipulations to further develop towards my final piece. 


I am still not feeling very great about my physical situation but I am still am constantly thinking about what further research and development I can do to further emphasise my ideas. On my research page I looked at the different environmental factors that affect the sustainability, a more in depth approach to the scientific aspect of the issue. 


Back to coming into classes, I first scattered my samples to see which I wanted to further develop. From here I chose and selected carefully what best represented my project proposal in terms of colour, texture and overall aesthetics which expressed and emphasised my initial preposition. After choosing the few that I wanted to further develop, I used different ways to manipulate each sample to create different hybrids of each. 

Graphic Communication Design: Lost Letters

I've always had the idea that graphics was only restricted and limited to computer based methods of executing final pieces and never thought that screen printing was part of graphics as I have only experienced it through the lenses of fine art. I was quite excited as I felt confident as I've done similar printing techniques in fine art before (e.g. lino). Everyone was given a random letter or number with no contextual meaning behind and were asked to compose designs which would potentially transform the number or letter into something exquisite. I was given the number 3 and many ideas came flooding through my head. Although I had many ideas such as the recent emoticon ":3" has been used a lot to create a cute smile, cat whiskers, fishing line hooks... out of them all my favourite idea was the butt! Honestly it was the first thing that came to my head when i turned in sideways. My final idea was a boy turning around cheekily showing his butt while smirking. I thought that this idea was well executed with a humorous touch. However it did not turn out as well as i had hoped for as the outlines came out rather thin and did not print in some areas where it was supposed to. For the future I think I will be more aware about the line thickness as there are chances it may not print as well as avoiding the problem of accidentally breaking the paper due to the lines being too thin. 


Continuation of the collaborative project

Continuing the exploration of the three words from the previous day, we had to think of possible ideas and come up with a final idea to present amongst our classmates. Although there were only three of us in a group, all of us had varying opinions which caused clash for the final concept. It was difficult trying to compensate between ourselves but in the end we managed to conclude a notion which had a piece of everyones ideas. At the end of the project we were joined with other groups within our class and had to propose our concept amongst each other. Through this we shared constructive criticisms of each others works which allowed me to learn more about how we could perhaps make the concept stronger or different ways to improve. 


Fashion & Textiles: Your Surroundings

Today was my first day ever stepping into the world of fashion and I absolutely loved it every bit of it. I was a bit puzzled at first when we were instructed to go explore King's Cross to conduct our primary research of looking at manmade structures as it was a bit out of the ordinary compared to how traditional art lessons were taught at my high school. The change was satisfyingly exquisite as I felt much more free. I started off my primary research within the CSM King's Cross campus as I was intrigued by the modern structures of the architecture such as the stairs, walls and overall layout of the surroundings. After spending about 10 minutes I went outside to explore outside of the campus. As London is a very new area to me, I am constantly comparing and contrasting to everything back at home. In this case, noticing the similarities and differences between the architecture. I felt that this is due to the cultural influences and practices of the individual cities. I've noticed that back in Hong Kong the architecture was rather very high in height with geometric shapes in a very dense area while as London's architecture was not very high in height but was similar in the aspect of geometric shapes. We were instructed to do many pages of drawings in a variety of mediums in a fast pace. Again, this was something I was not familiar with as my personality tends to force myself to make everything look 'aesthetic' and 'put together'. I was very worried at first but as I started to use a variety of mediums; pencils, markers, copics, biros and pastels, I felt much more confident drawing bold lines across the pages. I still do not think it is very aesthetics but I have learnt how to scribble out, be bold and confident with my ideas as I noticed as time passed I was looking more at the object rather than the process of the drawing itself. I felt that the imperfect lines were imperfectly perfect as they created a new feeling of character and texture towards the expression of my drawings. We then used shapes found within our drawings to form shapes to drape on the body. I chose a few very basic shapes in order to challenge myself to find a way to make the end look as though it did not come from such a simple shape to prove that something very basic can turn into something very bold. These shapes were draped to emphasise a specific part or the overall shape onto the human body. After these garments were draped onto the model, I drew outlines, line drawings, blind drawings, fast drawings and colour blocking to emphasise certain areas of the figurines of the drawings. Most importantly, I really felt as though I have stepped outside my comfort zone by trying out new techniques Today I have learnt a lot new techniques as well as proving to myself that very simple shapes can become very striking final outcomes. I would've never approached unless I was forced into a situation like this. I have never really thought about fashion or textiles before coming to the foundation but I really enjoyed today's session and felt that I have improved as an artist/designer. 


Fashion & Textiles: Your Interpretation

I really enjoyed today as it was very interactive and engaging with everyone in the class as some of us were models and some of us were stylists (which are real occupations in the real world -possibly giving an insight to what it's like out there). I also enjoyed being able to practice my art making/ drawing in a different approach as what I have experienced today was a completely new experience. I felt that I have developed my drawing and mark making skills as well as opening my mind up to different approaches. The stylists draped the model with different materials creating a look and from there as the artists, we were suppose to illustrate through live drawing. I really felt challenged keeping up with the constant instructed changes but at the same time I felt that I was also feeling in my zone as I felt very relaxed and was enjoying what was going on. I did not have a chance to drape any clothes as one of the stylists onto the model and so I would like to continue this one day project in my own time practicing my draping and styling skills if I had the chance to. 


Fine Art: Collections (2)

I wanted to develop what I had in mind and so I was thinking about not only the visual aspect of the collection but also factors that would help further emphasise or to help make it more realistic. I started experimenting more with sounds. Transferring my skills from the fashion and textiles week, I played around with sound (one of my experimental pieces in the first collaborative project) with plastic bags. I tried to make different sounds to see which fit my work the best, which I thought was the one which was quite soft and had a longer tone to it. I then experimented with the projector, projecting different kind of backgrounds underwater. I spent most of today trying to find ways that would further emphasise my concept in a visual way with sound being incorporated. Today was a full day of experimentations with trials and errors and making my concept clearer towards the audience. 


Graphic Communication Design: Photography, Moving Image & Sound

This was a collaborative project between pairs. Between our pairs, one of us were given an adjective and the other was given a noun. I was given the noun "fabric" while as my partner was given the adjective "psychological", thus creating "psychological fabric". Through this phrase we were told to create a simple while effective way of visually presenting this idea. As it was such an odd phrase together, my partner and I decided to take this slowly, step by step. We initially started off by breaking down the two words separately by creating a mind map. After that we decided to put the two words in a venn diagram format to see both the similarities and differences between the two words in order to create a concept. In the end we decided to create a concept where the word "fabric" isn't the cloth we usually refer to but changing the word slightly as 'fabrication'. As an end result, we created a straightforward poster which emphasises the idea of psychological effect the world goes through under fabrication. We wanted to emphasise the idea of individuality being nonexistent to further emphasise the psychological effect it gives. We took images of our classmates, removing their faces and name cards to remove the identity of them in the image.


3 Dimensional Design & Architecture: Use It!

For today's project, we were expected to observe and study the chair in terms of aesthetics, design and function as well as considering the comfort and customisations of the product. As for primary research I went to the cafeteria where there was a bunch of plastic chair. Some of my classmates were sitting on them so I did some live drawing, drawing the positions they were sitting in. During my primary research I have also noticed that a lot of the times, the chair wasn't used for it's main purpose, to sit down. Some chairs were used to store bags or other goods, used as a table, foot ledge and many others. So it made me think of the possible customisations for the chair such as a leg rest/extender out of the chair or a hook to hook a bag next to it. I've also realised that everyone was sitting in different positions. Some people were slouching, leaning forward or sitting up straight which made me think that there would be different chairs for different purposes. For my final design I decided to attach a form of accessories to customise the chair, a foot rest. Although very simple I thought it was a very effective idea as it seemed like most people rest their feet at the leg of the chair in a 45 degree angle which would most likely be very uncomfortable for them. 


Public Art: Day 1

Today was the first day we were introduced to our selected specialist pathways and was given a one project mainly consisting of research, development which concludes to a final outcome with reflection. Throughout the project; structure, silhouette, proportion, materials, texture and body are just some of the elements that should be kept in mind. Today was mainly about experimentation with the shapes we have created through drawing which was then later cut out onto large pieces of parchment paper to experiment with draping on the body. I really enjoyed this activity as it let me explore how shapes could create such simplistic but also very distinctive aesthetics as a result. Although I did enjoy it, I felt it was quite difficult to work with my shapes as it was very unique. 


Public Art: Final Day

Today was quite similar to day 1 and 2 of this project but by today we had to have a final piece of garment of this week’s project. As I was restricted to not using the sewing machine as I have not taken the induction yet, my garment was quite difficult to make and so I chose to stick with working with paper and tracing paper to create different dimensions to the finalised look of the piece.


Tactile Structures: Day 2

We were in the studio for today’s class, we had to layer our imagery through paper manipulations and hand stitching and to eventually develop these 2 dimensional paper ideas into 3 dimensional prototypes. I did not know how to knit with yarn so I chose to opt for different varies of textural paper. I mainly based my samples on colour and material.


Tactile Structures: Day 3

On Wednesday I continued to work on my research, find relatable artists and created more paper samples. Our final class was held back at the barbican where we had to bring our samples and try to blend it with the environment such as the structures or textures that was provided. I found it quite difficult to remove my hand away from the photograph for record but I managed to remove it on photoshop. As I was already on photoshop, I also experimented with altering the photograph to create other possible ideas through graphics. 


Culture Swap - Collage

Using the 6 images our partners gave us, we had to create collages based/ using the images. For my first collage I combined two of the images to create a combination of the two to see how that would work. I didn't think it particularly worked even though they were of the same culture. It made me really frustrated as it did not look very right together when I was trying to make it work, almost like a jig saw puzzle. At the end I had to scrap it and move on as I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. I've realised that the Peruvian based images that my partner gave me were very colourful and was full of repetition. I found that this was interesting and something actually quite closely related to back home in Hong Kong as the architectural structure of the buildings are repetition of tall parallel buildings across the dense land even though the two countries are vastly differently at first glance, I could pick up a few similarities. 

Culture Swap - Exploring Peruvian Textiles

Continuing my research about Peru, I found out that Peruvian textiles is actually a big topic not only locally but also globally. I started looking at how it all started and was interesting in the dyeing technique as they make their own pigments from scratch. I thought this was very unique and one of a kind as it created colours that were only true to itself and the idea of having a duplicate would not exist, hence being original. 

Colour Project

When I received this project, I began to look at what colour means to me. I started looking into how I felt about with each colour and how that would reflect on my environment. My environment being Hong Kong and Seoul. 

Colour Project - Study

The colour project made me think about how I feel about colour and the way I utilise it. I've realised I use deep red a lot to represent love and romance, whileas red that is more crimson in marketing to catch the audiences' eyes. Cooler colours in the colour wheel such as green, blue and purple make me feel calm and so I tend to go for those colours when I want to feel relaxed. Warm colours which aren't too bold such as orange and yellow gives me happy vibes while making me feel at ease .

Fruit Machine: Day 4

As I was very ill the past few days, I have missed two classes and have felt very lost. I tried to piece my research together by creating simple mind maps to allow myself to link the two contrasting themes somehow. I started linking up similar phrases and later on trying to find mutual themes. I picked out a few to develop into a theme.

Fruit Machine: Day 5


Finally I managed to make a complete theme. Trapped. In both Abigail’s Party and the quote by Muhammad Ali both talk about an invisible feeling of being trapped. Abigail’s party being stuck in the 70s period in the same British household whileas Muhammad Ali talks about a man without growth. Through this I thought about how i could represent being trapped, in a mental way that can’t be seen but can be conveyed.


I've noticed that a lot of people started making samples based on very obvious ideas of corduroy, such as the feeling of tightness and parallel lines. However, I approached the topic in a different manner as even though I view corduroy as parallel lines, it reminded me of the Hong Kong apartments back home as they are very tall and tightly close to each other due to the density of the land.

Corduroy - Personal

From my starting point where I was looking at how the physical aspect of the corduroy reflects, I stated that it strongly reminded me of the Hong Kong apartments back home. So to begin my research, I researched about the different apartments types within Hong Kong. I've always known Hong Kong is known for its expensive housing, but I was really shocked after finding out about the different apartment types depending on if you are considered to be wealthier class or poorer class of the population. 

First Week 19/02/18

As this is a personal project I know it is my chance to shine as I can choose my own topic and progress the project in my pace but for some reason I am finding it very difficult to settle on a specific topic. I feel that I am having difficulties to start off as I know this is my chance to show my best work as it is a topic I am choosing to go forward with. 


I have been thinking about a few different topics I could focus on but I have not come up with a specific idea as I want my project to be based on a niche experience that reflects a larger scaled consequence which affects everyone in the everyday world. I am looking at the topic of sustainability as I am a huge advocate on sustainable living and creating based on it. Through this I plan to research on the possible solutions or ways to help improve the environment. 


As I continued the idea of upcycling, I started to wonder what is out in the market that is actually getting upcycled. The process of it and everything. I decided to set out on my own adventure looking at vintage and charity shops to see what kinds of clothing are unwanted or overproduced looking at the different sections of the shops. From my personal engagement, I've noticed that most of the clothing in the racks were mainly consisting of denim material. Denim was a popular material to wear since the 50s up until now -a material that is timeless. I wanted to look into how it can be draped and manipulated and so have obtained a few samples to experiment with. 


I am not feeling very well today but I have been thinking about what are the things I could do to manipulate aluminium and plastic in possibly a non-distinguishing way but still use them to create something innovative and functional for a future garment. I thought about how the materials can possibly be melted, tied and squashed to create different shapes to represent different possible aesthetics to the samples I plan to make. 


As I was really interested in the image of the squashed cans, I attempted to experiment with the shapes by altering the visual and trying different methods to create different figures. I printed using the dented sides and rolled the can around but the result wasn't as expected as the dents were not printed prominently. This experimentation was a failure but it was good to see that happening as I have attempted to do so and have learnt from the experience. In the future I plan to change my method perhaps or find another way to resemble the same aesthetic. 


Today is a Wednesday so it is not a school day so I decided to continue working on samples I have created in class the other day to further develop certain samples. Although I have some failed experiments such as the prints I've made using squashed cans, I feel that certain visual aspects can be used as a pattern and thus seeing future development to it. I continued to think about different materials using the same method whilst creating different outcomes. This will also allow me to test my skills experimenting to create foreign textiles samples to possibly further develop. 


Today I started to finalise my idea in order to prepare for my final outcome. I have concluded to create a garment purely made with recycled or upcycled materials to reflect and emphasise my initial proposal of this project. I feel that I have gone through many failures with only a few successful samples but I felt that I have developed the few samples enough to the point where I can now start to work on my final process of the journey where I piece them together to create a garment. 


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